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If you are interested in Russian girls and looking for Russian call girls in Bangalore then you can contact us and you can choose here selection. We have different type of profiles according to customer requirements. You can choose any of them according to your interest. We keep high profile young north Indian girl and Local south girl and Russian call girls in all over city in Bangalore. All our foreigner call girls very good in behavior wise and according to service wise. You will get satisfaction service by them.

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Russian call girls in Bangalore famous for providing a Next-level satisfaction services. Her Big breast and Big ass liked by every interested person. Her Body figure from Bottom to Top level is outstanding and fabulous. That attract everyone attention to her. Her white milky skin will make crazy from inner side. When you will be with her you don’t even find how to start and how to enjoy this beauty. She will cooperate with you full and tell you to let her down on bed and enjoy with her gorgeous beauty.

Russian escorts in Bangalore are well behavior and always ready to drive accordingly you. You don’t have any complain about her because they don’t do any misbehave and any kind of service mistakes. They are straight forward to their work and they don’t want to spoil it. You can enjoy a foreigner taste in Bangalore at not much more budget. It will come totally in your budget. 

Where to find Russian escorts in Bangalore ?

If you are searching for Russian call girls and still searching then may be you are finding in a wrong way. You don’t do lots of things to find Russian girls in Bangalore. You just need to search on internet Russian escorts in Bangalore and there will be showing lots of website in search results. You just need to pick any one of them and tell to the representative about your requirements he will provide you a girl according to your demand. This is the simple way you can follow and you will get Russian escorts in Bangalore.

Which Things you should avoid while Hiring escorts service in Bangalore ?

If you are planning for Hiring escorts service in Bangalore and you are don’t know too much about this then you should avoid these things while Hiring…

  • If want service in Hotel just make sure hotel should be safe and secure.
  • Ask before hire hotel charges who will pay they will or you should pay the charges of hotel.
  • Don’t Pay advance for hotel service.
  • Don’t go with dirty and non hygienic escort service.
  • Always ask about cab charges payment.
  • Don’t Go long area for Incall service.
  • Make sure about timings before hire. 

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If interested in Foreigner call girls in Bangalore and want to spend some quality time with her then feel free to contact us and let know in which you are interested. We have foreigner profiles to serve in Bangalore. From different country we have different foreigner girls and we call the girl according to the demand. If anyone interested in England girls we manage the girl from that place. If anyone want thailand girls we manage according to comfortability. We need confirmation first from clients then we call the girls from another cities. For booking call/whatsapp us and tell us about your demands.

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Foreign beauty have different qualities of serving escort services and they have their own style and way to assist services. Foreign girls have a look with some different kind of dressing sense and adorable looks who makes a crazy mind and best to serve a satisfied service to client. Book a foreign beauty and enjoy a foreign taste from her. We damn sure you will get a very good services by her.

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About Me

Meet Rosy, the alluring foreign enchantress of Bangalore, whose magnetic allure draws you into a world of uninhibited ecstasy. As a young goddess hailing from distant shores, Rosy embodies the essence of passion and desire, igniting flames that burn bright in the heart of the city. Picture Rosy, with her voluptuous figure and ample bosom, a vision of temptation that leaves you spellbound. Her luscious curves beckon with promise, inviting you to explore. the depths of pleasure that await in her embrace.

In her world, there are no boundaries, only desires fulfilled and fantasies realized. Rosy is renowned for her insatiable appetite, eagerly savoring every drop of warm ambrosia that crosses her lips. With every intimate encounter, she delights in making intense eye contact, forging a connection that ignites the flames of passion. But Rosy’s allure doesn’t end there. With a playful wink and a seductive smile, she invites you to explore new realms of pleasure, from the intimate confines of a threesome to the exhilarating rush of a gangbang. In her arms, every moment is a symphony of sensation, a dance of desire that leaves you breathless and yearning for more.

What to Expect ?

Embrace the thrill of the unexpected as Rosy leads you on a journey of pure ecstasy. From the pulsating pulse of the city to the intimate confines of your own sanctuary, she is the embodiment of uninhibited desire, ready to fulfill your every fantasy with grace and charm.

Introducing Rosy, the tantalizing foreign escort gracing the vibrant streets of Bangalore with her exotic allure. At 24, she exudes an air of sensuality that captivates the most discerning of gentlemen, leaving them yearning for more with every encounter.

Rosy’s passion knows no limits, especially when it comes to the art of seduction. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she invites you into a world of ecstasy and desire, where inhibitions are left at the door and fantasies come to life in the most tantalizing of ways. But what truly sets Rosy apart is her insatiable appetite for adventure. From the intense gaze she maintains during a blowjob to the intoxicating thrill of a threesome, she revels in the exploration of carnal delights that push the boundaries of pleasure.

As you succumb to her charms, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm where passion reigns supreme and every moment is an invitation to indulge in the forbidden. With Rosy by your side, there are no limits to the heights of ecstasy you can reach. So, surrender to the allure of Rosy, the foreign escort whose every touch ignites a fire within. Your journey to ultimate satisfaction begins here, in the embrace of a woman who knows no equal.



1 Hour                   15000/-              17000/-

4 Hours                 25000/-               27000/-

6 Hours                 35000/-               35000/-

Full Night             40000/-               50000/-

Long Trip              Per Day              100000/-


  • Different Sex Position
  • Lip Kisses
  • Tongue to Tongue kisses
  • BJ Without Condom
  • Foreplay
  • 69 Position
  • Handjob
  • Intercourse
  • Role-play
  • Spanish
  • Erotic Massage


Age- 24 Years

32C/55 Kg

Age- 25 Years

34B/56 Kg

Age- 25 Years

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Age- 24 Years

34D/55 Kg

Age- 27 Years

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Age- 24 Years

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Age- 26 Years

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34C/54.5 Kg

Age- 25 Years

36B/55 Kg

Age- 26 Years

34C/54 Kg

Age- 23 Years

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Age- 24 Years

32C/54 Kg